Email enquires fixed!

Posted on15 August 2016 | 0 comments

Just to let everyone know that there was error with our email forwarding.  This has been fixed now.  Apologies to anyone wishing to contact the club and not received a response.  Please feel free to send us a new message and we promise to get back to you asap.  Thanks to those that have made us aware of the problem.

General Update – 2016/17 Memberships Renewals Due

Posted on28 June 2016 | 0 comments

Hi guys, that time of the year again as everyone is aware.  Memberships are due from 1st July. Membership form has been updated on the website and all current members will be sent out a pre-filled form shortly out to their current emails.  If you have updated your personal details recently, please send an email to treasurer@perthrcheliclub.org.au.

General update on the club.  While the regular flyers are at the club each week, it would be great to see some old and new faces down there.  If your thinking of getting into the hobby, now is the best time to join so you get the most out of your membership.  If your looking for advice on your first heli or quad, come down for a visit and speak to the guys that have been flying and learn from their experience.

Lastly, as we fly with the permission for City Of Stiring at Hertha reserve there the odd occasion that we must make way for larger events to be held on the reserve.  One of those times are now when Winter Wonderland is being held over the next 2 weekends.  They will be using the field for parking so we will be unable to use the site.  For those members still keen to get out there and have a fly, we will be organizing a get together at an alternative site.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.


Happy Flying,  Andy


New Membership season – 2014/15 About to begin

Posted on14 June 2014 | 0 comments

Just a reminder that  the 2013/2014 membership expires on June 30th 2013. We have sent out all the renewal forms via Email or Post. Printed copies of the form are also available from the Document Box at the Field.

Member numbers for our club have been strong last year and as a result we have been able to retain the existing fee structure from last year.  AWA and MAAA insurance fees are also the same as last year.

So we invite you to rejoin the PRCHC for this coming year and continue your valued support for our club.

Please print, sign and email the form back with proof of payment.  Details are on page 2 of the application.  We will post your receipt as soon as we see your funds transfer in the account or received your filled out application and cheque.  Don’t forget to sign it!  Bring the receipt to the field as it will be proof of membership and insurance until you receive your 2014/2015 badge.

If any of your details have changed, please correct them on the form.  Please visit us our Facebook page for further information on what’s been happening at the club.

Remember, no one will be allowed to fly without a renewed membership after June 30th 2014.

Please also note, the Club has received an event request for the use of the field by the “Winter Wonderland” commencing on Wednesday the 9th July 2014 and finishing Monday the 14th of July 2014. Please be aware due to the scale of this event, there will be no flying over these dates at Hertha Reserve.

Thank you for your continued support for this past year and we look forward to seeing you at the field in 2014/2015.